What tuition includes:

Tuition includes all your lodging, transport, and food within Scandinavia. You just need to get yourself to and from Røros, Norway where we will pick you up and take you over the border to Sweden. The best practice for people flying internationally is to book a return ticket to Oslo, Norway and then buy a separate flight to Røros. Specific details about flights will be provided upon registration.

The kind of gear you need:

The basics are sturdy hiking boots, wool base layers, waterproof shell garments, hat, insulated gloves and a 30 kilo backpack. Many warm wool layers and waterproof garments are key. Even though this is not full on winter, being in the mountains requires being prepared for rougher, colder, windier and wetter weather than you might expect. We provide detailed packing lists that cover what kind of outdoor gear you should wear to be comfortable in the mountains.

Level of fitness required:

You should have a baseline level of stamina and fitness to be able to walk for multiple hours over rough terrain, through potentially wet, windy and cold weather. In addition to local walks, we will do several day hikes up to 4-10 miles (6.5-16km).


The Nordic Woman is based at Fjällbäcken Lodge near the town of Bruksvallarna in Härjedalen — western Sweden close to the border of Norway. This is a beautiful part of the country with farms, forests, mountains and a long historical tradition of folk music. The closest airport is Røros, Norway, about a 90 minute drive. It is easy to take a flight to Røros from Oslo, Stockholm or other airports.

Level of singing experience needed:

No, you do not. You will become one. Helle has taught kulning to people who don’t consider themselves to be singers at all and we are able to work with people at a wide variety of experience levels. Kulning is traditionally taught orally and experientially. More important than technique or training is curiosity and the desire to experiment. Helle’s approach to voice work is holistic and embodied. She brings the technical skills and tools of a classical singer and actress in order to understand and liberate the locked potential in a student.

Our weekly curriculum includes:

Our group curriculum will include:

  • experiencing traditional aspects of the Vall (pastoral) culture, including dinners outdoor over open fires, in a local cabin from the 1800s, and visiting historical/cultural sites.
  • some traditional outdoor skills such as carving your own spoon, making fires, map and compass navigation
  • guided hikes and excursions on the land
  • relaxing at Fjallbacken Lodge with gourmet food, wood fires, hot showers and sauna
  • grounding, meditative practices that connect you to your body and to nature.