Härjedalen, Western Sweden

Close to the border of Norway, Härjedalen is renowned for its wilderness beauty. This is a landscape of little lakes, mountains above treeline, birch and pine forest, and mossy tundra that turns red and gold in autumn. It’s easy to fall in love with these landscapes, where you can fill your hands with wild blueberries and lingonberries and look for shed reindeer antlers in the moss.

Härjedalen has, for centuries, been home to Scandinavian herding culture and has a long history with kulning. It has also been inhabited by the Sami people — nomadic reindeer herders — whose music and culture you will also learn about on the Nordic Woman retreat.

Fjällbäcken Lodge offers amazing proximity to the forests, pastures and mountain wilderness of Härjedalen. The nearby town of Bruksvallarna loves to hear our kulning sounds echo through the valley and local Swedes find the song very nostalgic and enchanting.

Fjällbäcken Lodge

We are delighted to host the Nordic Woman at Fjällbäcken Lodge in Bruksvallarna — western Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. Fjällbäcken Lodge is a timber-framed wilderness hotel and retreat center dating back to the mid-1800s.

Fjällbäcken offers comfortable accommodations, hot showers, wood-fired sauna, delicious meals and incredible proximity to the wild landscapes of western Sweden. It is close to a number of historical sites important to the indigenous Sami people and the pastoral herding culture.

Fjällbäcken’s renowned gourmet chefs prepare for us three meals a day, of local fare, wild meats and traditional delicacies. Some meals will be presented outdoors in the Sami hut and the Störrös, the old 17th-century shielding.

At Fjällbäcken you will experience:

  • Comfortable shared rooms with two single beds
  • Gourmet meals with locally sourced specialties and meats (vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free etc. courses available)
  • Candlelit dinners in front of the fire in the kåta (Sami hut)
  • A large, comfortable meeting room for our warm-ups and gatherings
  • Wood-fired sauna and cold plunge
  • Proximity to mountains and forests for day hikes