Thank you for an unforgettable retreat. It was wonderful experiencing wild, beautiful Swedish nature. I loved working with my body and voice in a highly empowering and creative way.”  – Marie-Louise

“The fusion of wilderness skills, Swedish folk song, craft, body wisdom, kulning and women’s community, Nordic Woman unfolded all the crumpled parts of me and called them home. My gentleness was as welcome as my ferocity in the luscious Swedish landscapes. Leonore’s bright eyed bravery and steady knowing presence mingled playfully with Helle’s energetic, loving and precise nature. I have the tools to integrate the spirit of Nordic Woman into my quotidian life. Thank you.” – Anna

The kulning workshop was extraordinary. Helle spent time with each participant, correcting our weaknesses and reinforcing our strengths. I was well-challenged, yet in a relaxed forest atmosphere where I felt free to find my voice. I travelled halfway across the world to learn kulning, and my expectations were exceeded!” – Heidi

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to come but what I experienced was beyond anything I could have dreamed up. Engaging in such an old practice that involves the whole body awakened within me a curiosity and trust in a connection to the wilderness and old ways of being that I didn’t know existed. It’s as though my ancestors left a treasure inside me and I’m learning the way to unlock its gifts.” – Mae

This was amazing. Thank you! I found the freedom to explore my voice and nature with no judgment.”  – Alessandra

“Leonore and Helle,  thank you for creating a fun and playful space for me to come into my power and own my bigness. It has been such a gift to express myself in my loudest voice in a community and landscape that welcomes and invites that loudness. In addition to the powerful yet playful voice work, the community you have brought together felt welcoming and loving. I’ve learned deeply from each person, as well as learned unexpected things about myself through interactions in this laboratory of a community.” – Jamie