Build Confidence Outdoors

Many women have never had the chance to build confidence in the outdoors. The Nordic Woman will help you discover the freedom and power that come from feeling confident and comfortable in the wilderness.

Practice foundational skills like wilderness navigation, reading a topographical map, and making fires. You will become confident hiking long distances through all weather and get firsthand experience with your physical capacities. Practice outdoor skills in an all-women environment that empowers you to learn.

Develop Self-Reliance

Hiking outdoors will teach you to be confident in your body and to

You do not need to be a highly experienced outdoorswoman to come on the Nordic Woman retreat, but you should have a baseline level of stamina and fitness to be able to walk for multiple hours over rough terrain, through potentially wet, windy and cold weather. In addition to local walks, we will do several day hikes up to 4-10 miles (6.5-16km).

Experience Slow Living

Let the elements of earth, water and sky draw you into a state of deep being. Cultivate presence through daily immersion in nature and mindful crafts like wood carving. Develop your strength and embodiment through voice work, movement, and hiking, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and its demands.