The Nordic Woman Leaders

Helle Thun is a professional singer, actress and former wilderness guide. She has an extensive background in vocal improvisation, deep therapeutic voice work, composition, classical music, and ancient Scandinavian folk music.

Originally a farm girl from southern Denmark, she has performed and taught internationally across Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. In 2014, she received the prestigious “Zorn” bronze medal for her skills in kulning.

Helle is known for her high level artistic technique, distinctive kulning voice and the use of traditional Scandinavian singing styles, drawn from the years she spent in her 20s as a wilderness educator in Sweden — immersed in the mountains learning traditional crafts.

As an educator, Helle draws on tools from acting, and mindfulness traditions like Zen, in helping people access their own artistic presence and authenticity. She enjoys working with students at a variety of skill levels, guiding them to liberate and express their unique sound. 

Leonore Tjia is an artist-healer, singer and educator whose work lies at the intersection of ecology, myth, and creativity. Through her business Rewild Your Heart she works in private practice with individuals and couples, helping them to liberate their life force.

Leonore is a certified instructor of Body Tales®, a creative and healing practice that integrates movement, voice and personal storytelling. She runs somatic workshops that use the expressive arts to restore access to our inner creativity and wilderness.

Raised in New York and now living in Oakland, California, she is a deer hunter and archer whose life has been shaped by the power of wilderness skills and a deep love of the backcountry.

Leonore brings a thorough appreciation of Scandinavian folk music and Norse mythology along with years of experience producing, facilitating and leading women’s empowerment workshops and retreats.