Find Power and Self-Reliance in the Wilderness

The Nordic Woman offers immersion into Scandinavian pastoral culture and wilderness. Experienced female teachers will lead you through backcountry hiking and wilderness skills in a supportive group of other women, in an environment that empowers you to learn.

You will visit historical cultural sites and learn about ancient songs, stories and ways of life. We will introduce you to Scandinavian folk music traditions and the power of kulning. Grounding, meditative practices will help you access your creativity and unlock the power of your voice.

Join Us in Sweden

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to come but what I experienced was beyond anything I could have dreamed up. Engaging in such an old practice that involves the whole body awakened within me a curiosity and trust in a connection to the wilderness and old ways of being that I didn’t know existed. It’s as though my ancestors left a treasure inside me and I’m learning the way to unlock its gifts.” -Mae

You Will Learn and Experience

The Nordic Woman program guides you to meet your own self-reliance, courage and creative power in the landscapes of rural Sweden, where for thousands of years women have lived in intimate relationship with natural world.

You will be inspired by  stories, songs and mythology that are the lifeblood of this ancient place. You will add your own powerful kulning voice to the landscapes where women’s songs have echoed for centuries and experience the strength, courage and self-reliance that wilderness life reveals within you.


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